As the first Art Director for AmazonFresh from 2014-2015, I shaped their brand identity, established an editorial photography cadence, and built a co-op model with vendors including Unilever and Dannon which resulted in a new revenue stream for Fresh and boosted overall sales. I created global brand guidelines for AmazonFresh to standardize and lower design costs and support the leadership goals of launching Fresh in new location, including the UK and transitioning the US site onto platform. I oversaw development of a 65+ page brand book to establish global design standards for AmazonFresh program expansion, and led creation of global photography standards. 2014-2015 redesign 2014-2015 redesign

AmazonFresh Learn More page

I designed and art directed the photography for AmazonFresh’s “learn more page” to launch in Q1 2016, a cornerstone of the brand’s new direction.


AmazonFresh co-op photography

I initiated a partnership with Amazon's internal studio (D1) for custom photography and supporting processes that have enabled Fresh to institute quarterly photoshoots in 2016. These photo shoots strengthened Fresh’s visual brand identity, sales, and customer engagement, as illustrated by a campaign for Unilever ice cream brands that saw a MoM sales lift. This was the best preforming vendor sponsored campaign to date as of 5/30/15, with CTR up 137% (relative to average CTR of Top Center Graphics over the prior 3 months). With these successful results, I proved I could build trust and relationships with vendors outside of the company including Unilever, Dannon, and Bon Appetit, work with marketing leadership, develop creative decks, present abstract and creative ideas, gain buy in, art direct a team on set, work within a budget, and design a custom marketing campaign. Moreover, my work in this area unlocked new funding for creative, helping support innovative projects, such as the first cinemagraph on the gateway.


AmazonFresh gateway cinemagraphs

The goal of these moving MP4 images on the gateway is to entice potential customers to click through to learn more about the AmazonFresh service. One of the biggest barriers for online grocery shopping is the customers inability to touch, smell or see the exact food they are buying. Bringing the food to life through movement is an attempt at overcoming that barrier for customers. I concepted and art directed the first two AmazonFresh cinemagraph campaigns, for a total of 8 unique scenes. 

Password: AmazonFresh

Password: AmazonFresh